Start Each Day With Love

by Kara Square



“Start Each Day With Love” is a mushy-gushy, heartfelt folk pop ukulele love song that expresses the importance of love, including the love one should give oneself. It will be officially released with a music video featuring nature footage from Ephemeral Rift, on August 2, 2012. The cover art for the single was designed by one of Kara’s multi-talented ccMixter friends, Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage. “Start Each Day With Love” captures the universal nature of love and provides a sneak peek of what to expect with Kara Square’s upcoming album release “Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke.”

Official Music Video-


released August 2, 2012

Words, Music, Production- Kara Square
Cover Art- Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage
Music Video Nature Footage- Ephemeral Rift




Kara Square Columbus, Ohio

Kara Square is a ukulele slinging nerd who will write a song about anything. She is currently composing an instrumental album called 'Ukulele Duels.' She has a surfer pop rock album in the works with Piero Peluche called 'Square Meter.' Kara Square is 1/2 of the electro pop duo Team Smile and Nod. She is an active member and Admin of the international Creative Commons remix website ... more

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Track Name: Start Each Day With Love
Each morning I look over
To find you
Your eyes closed
Head on the pillow
Softly breathing
I kiss your cheek
Until you open your eyes
And look at me

Sometimes you flip over
Not wanting to get up
Sometimes you sit up
And give me a hug
Either way
We start each day
With love

I know how lucky I am
I wish love for everyone

Sometimes it comes
In unexpected places
Sometimes it comes
From observing nature
Either way
Please start each day
With love

We’re all just people doing what we can
To live our lives and find some happiness
We’re all just people doing what we can
Searching for others who really understand

Sometimes it’s hidden
Masked in sadness
Sometimes we’re alone
And we’re all we have
We are all we have
Either way
Please start each day
With love
Please love yourself
With love
Love yourself.