Catawampus Buckaroo

by Kara Square



“Catawampus Buckaroo” is the 2nd single for Kara Square’s upcoming ‘Ukuambient’ EP. The harmonica and clip-clop percussion bring a distinct Wild West, space cowboy vibe to this psychedelic ambient track. And, of course, the ukulele drives the mix.

What is ukuambient music?

Ukuambient = Ukulele + Psybient

Ukuambient is an ukulele focused genre subset of psychedelic ambient music.


released July 20, 2016




Kara Square Columbus, Ohio

Kara Square is a ukulele slinging nerd who will write a song about anything. She is currently composing an instrumental album called 'Ukulele Duels.' She has a surfer pop rock album in the works with Piero Peluche called 'Square Meter.' Kara Square is 1/2 of the electro pop duo Team Smile and Nod. She is an active member and Admin of the international Creative Commons remix website ... more

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