Get Out to Vote

by Kara Square and Piero Peluche



Kara Square and Piero Peluche wrote this song to encourage YOU to vote. Download it for free on Bandcamp. Share it with your friends and family to spread the message! And most importantly: please vote!


If you believe in democracy
If you have hope in what could be
If you want to protect your rights
You got to get out there and fight
Protesting helps us spread our views
Still got to visit the voting booth
The only way politicians are swayed
The only way they hear what you say is when you

Rock the vote
Or do the blues
Whatever gets you on the move
Out to vote
Get out to vote

Exercise your citizen power
Vote and fight for your views
Do your research on the issues and
Find a rep who will work for you
When you must vote for the less evil
Weigh your options based on history
Vote for who does the least damage
To your ideals and your country

Rock the vote
Or do the blues
Whatever gets you on the move
Out to vote
Get out to vote

Yes, the system is corrupt
Most politicians have been bought
By lobbyists and corporations
Feels like the people never win
It never will be perfect
But if you don’t participate
Even that glimmer of hope
Will gradually fade away


released October 12, 2018
Kara Square: Vocals.
Piero Peluche: Electric Guitar, Synths, Drums, Mix and Master.




Kara Square Columbus, Ohio

Kara Square is a ukulele slinging, songwriting, and singing music maker. She actively creates custom music for clients of her label Thinkroot Records.

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