Love wins!


We’ve been hiding in plain sight for so long
Waiting for this day to come
With it here we’re deer in headlights
Shocked and overwhelmed.

We really didn’t think that it would happen
Now we know just what we’ll do
We’ll join this once forbidden convention
And say, “I do, I do.”

‘Cuz we do
And we did
And we will
Like we have
All these years
That we’ve proved
Just how much
We really do
Yeah, I do

Feels like we just go the secret password
To get into the secret club
Can’t believe the judges really listened
Can’t believe they ruled in favor of love


Don’t know if it will feel different
Having that official paper
But I know our love will finally count
And I know we’re getting closer
To respecting each other
And seeing that differences aren’t

We are just people after all
Seeking respect and seeking love


We are just people after all
Seeking respect and seeking love.


from Thorns, released March 27, 2020
Kara Square: Words and Vocals
Piero Peluche: Synths, Strings, Bass, Drums, Mixing and Mastering.




Kara Square Columbus, Ohio

Kara Square is a ukulele slinging, songwriting, and singing music maker. She actively creates custom music for clients of her label Thinkroot Records.

Roses & Thorns [2020] with Piero Peluche
Ukulele Glue [2018] with ccMixter
Ukulele Duels [2015]
Square Meter [2014] with Piero Peluche
Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke [2013]
Mourning Time [2011] - Team Smile and Nod
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